Monday, September 27, 2010


   Way before YOU TUBE, iMovie, Twitter, personal blogs, Facebook and Flickr and all the other amazing ways of making yourself 'famous', artists were making self-portraits to make their mark in history. Up until the 20th century, artists were concerned with painting themselves and their wealthy patrons.  It was Andy Warhol in the 1960's who foresaw a future world in which everyone would have their "15 minutes of fame".  With the onset of so many magazines, movies and T.V. shows, people suddenly became  famous just for their celebrity.  Paris Hilton comes to mind as a person who is famous for no reason other than for being famous.
Look at these pictures of famous people by Andy Warhol.  His idea to paint them in serial form (repeated images) brings to mind the effect we have of seeing the same famous people over and over and over. Their image gets into our subconscious minds making them feel to us more important than they actually are.

   Now--- think of the first famous person that comes to your mind. Name that person. How is their image  portrayed in the media?  What do we think we know about this person from the press he/she gets?

Write a paragraph telling us about how this person's power is wrapped up with their media image.  Include your name and period # in your comment.


  1. The first person that comes to my mind is Kim Khardashian. The image we get from the media of this person is an attractive women who does nothing with her life but take picture. People like her because she is willing to show herself off and that's why she is still famous.

  2. John Kensinger, P.2

    Tom Cruise comes to mind when I think of celebrity images. He is often times portrayed as a strange guy in the media because of his connection to scientology. He is also portrayed as a good/ well-known actor that has been around for a while now (though this is often overlooked because of the scientology factor). From the press that we get, we predominantly think we know of him as being that "weird scientology guy," which unfortunately takes away from his acting renown.

  3. oprah. she is super powerful but i dont think its wrapped up in any of her magazines or tv episodes. she is just really weathly and thats probably why people listen to her. she also has like a book club that alotta people follow. she also has alott of power in africa and other places, but not political power more social power.and many people look up to her. thats who i think is rereally powerful

  4. Frank Garcia, P3
    I thought first of Marilyn Manson. From the image we see of him (his makeup,etc.) and the music he writes, many portray him as a bad influence, and some even accuse him as a person who influenced violence (such as the Columbine High shootings). Also, others picture him as some sort of "devil-worshiper," which is incorrect. All this media is what feeds Marilyn Manson's popularity and his success in music.

  5. Steven Orler
    I thought of Kobe Bryant. People think of him as a hero on and off the court. They see him score 20+ points in a game, and then they see him giving to charities in commercials. I don't know how much time he actually spends at these charities, but the media seems to over exaggerate it.

  6. I think this applies to most politicians, especially those running for office. I think that the media only portrays the bad things that they did instead of all the good hings to do. However, that is the case o the media in theses days: mostly focusing on all the bad things that happen. With all the politicians, the media doesnt cover both the good and the bad things about them. They mostly focus on one side.

    ANdrew Chait 5

  7. shelby Marx
    the ,first ,thought, that came to my mind was
    eric. He is best known for his success in the
    variety of instrumental rock, formats category.
    eric also plays rock, music, and sometimes
    new age.

    = some time after his success, he retired with
    nations label, despite not being around,
    observers tends to observe his ,
    obscure nature of being afraid of the ,
    bystanders due to his popularity, he was ok.

  8. Sometimes, I like to think about Roman Miller.
    The simple fact that Roman has been ridiculed
    Every day of his life is astounding. It's been a
    Very rough life for him.
    Every time that he has been mentioned, only the

    sullen, negative comments are said.We should all
    unite as one. Positive comments are never said
    consecutively one after another. It's always the
    killer comments that bring down self esteem.
    so, to combat this, everyone follows suit and

    dictates their own negative comments torward
    inconsiderate others. This is also true in the
    corporate offices. Higher up managers don't get
    keen comments.

  9. Period 6.
    Dave Chappelle is a famous comedian who is viewed as a funny guy who uses race based humor. Because the media views him as a comedian, he has been characterized by his work, which he is very good at.

  10. the person that comes to mind is peyton manning. he is a great football player and he influences the media because of his greatness on the football field. he is an idol for many people.

    Gary Meek Per. 2

  11. The first person that come to my mind would be Tiger Woods, he is portrayed in the media today as a kin to the devil and a heartless and soul-less womanizer. Although some may argue that this may be true, it often distracts from him being one of the most hard working, dedicated, and successful athletes of all time.

  12. The person who comes to my mind is Kobe Bryant. he is the number one basketball player in the NBA. it seems like he does not contribute to society and help organization like many other famous athletes. he has also done some sexual bad things that people tend to not see his talent and his worth ethic

    MAtthew spear period 2

  13. the first person that comes to my mind is kobe. he is an all star and many believe him to be on of the best of the best in all of basketball. most of us only know what we see on tv about him. the press portrays him as a super star, some even say there is nothing he cant do
    Sean Gard LHS 2013 Period 2

  14. the first person that comes to my mind is Kobe Bryant. He is an all star and the owner to 5 championship rings. The press says that he is the best basketball player ever. But we only get to see him play from November to June.

  15. The first person that comes to my mind is Lindsey Lohan. She was a successful child actress that may have gotten too much attention growing up. The media may have changed her when she became an adult. She developed many addictions and problems over the years. However, this happens to many people. Perhaps people become obsessed when it happens to someone with a household name.