Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Freedom is not a gift but a conquest"- Paulo Friere

Just read this quote by educational thinker, Paulo Friere. Friere, who grew up in poverty in Brazil, has spent his life thinking and writing about how education can truly bring equality, democracy and freedom to all people.
He talk about how people in poverty need to fight for equality of opportunity  and that educators need to teach critical thinking so that everyone can really think about and question the status quo. Throughout history, artists have been at the forefront of fighting for freedom and equality. How can schools improve or increase arts instruction for students in order for our society to have image makers who care about injustices?


  1. Schools can do this by giving necessary materials that students will enjoy using. Once the students begin to enjoy the arts, they will think more critically about life around them. Therefore students should be provided with more materials and a great environment around them.


    For schools to improve the students critical thinking, the schools need to first not drill their own steriotypical ideas into the childrens brains. School is made for people to tell you what you should think and know. A childs brain cannot critically think about subjects because they are told what the answer is already by their teachers or parents. Once we get over that, then we can move on for our society to have image makers who care about injustices.