Sunday, November 28, 2010

What is the role of the artist in our world?

  What do you think the role of artists is in our world today?  Write 3 roles you think artists can play in our society and describe why you think they are important.


  1. I think artists have major roles. Their duty is to express things that cannot be expressed through words. Another duty is to help us get away from our world's technological world. People are used to technology and we are exposed to so much of it, that art helps us to appreciate the beauty of nature. Artists also play a role as time capturers because photos capture time literally, while art captures time figuratively. In every art, there is a story. And the story is created by the artist. Artist tell stories through their artwork.


    Artists can play major roles. First, they can express their ideas through art that then can be expressed to other individuals through viewing their art. Art keeps culture alive, if all humans were to vanish for no reason, what would we leave behind? Over years, metal will rust, buildings will fall, but a statue made of limestone or marble will never crumble and will express its ideas for eternity. Just look at the pyramids, they are art, and they have been standing for generations even though they are not made out of indestructible steel, but the earth which it stands on.