Monday, November 22, 2010

Myths and Money

     For centuries, humans have tried to make sense of their existence on earth through the use of myth.  Ancient Greek myths such as the story of Persephone gave the Greeks a way to think about the phenomenon of the changing seasons. The many gods and goddesses of Greek and Roman mythology embodied the many attributes of humankind-- speed (Mercury), power (Zeus), love of home and hearth (Hestia), romantic love (Aphrodite) etc.
    In modern times, advertisers create many ad campaigns based on images that are inspired by myth. Can you think of any?  Try to name a product and or advertisement that gets an underlying power from ancient myth. Gods, goddesses, pegasus, the minotaur, centaurs--what comes to mind?  You can include myths from Norse culture, Native American culture or other historic mythologies.
    See if you can describe an ad or product that uses this kind of imagery.
 Example #1- What myth does the U.S.C. football team invoke for it's identity?
 Example #2- What Norse myth is the mascot for Travelocity?
 Now you name one!!

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